Buying Tips

At Wieblers Harley-Davidson our friendly and knowledgeable Sales Team understands that it can be an emotional and stressful time when shopping for a new motorcycle, so the last thing you need is high pressure sales tactics or fast talking BS. Their goal is to provide a personal experience in a friendly environment that is enjoyable to anyone that comes through our doors.   So they've put this list of things to consider when buying a Harley-Davidson motorcycle:

Bill of Sale: When you are shopping for a Harley-Davidson always insist that the dealer "write-up the deal" for you to take HOME and review. If you sense reluctance or unwillingness to put things on paper, pay close attention to that. Insist that you want to see "All the numbers" and NOT just the payment. Any dealer that just talks about the payment is called a "Payment Seller." It is easy to hide hidden fees in the deal. Some Sales Managers push just the payment and continually dance around your question of the interest rate and/or total financed amount. It's a shell game. They give you a low price on the new motorcycle, and a high price on the trade, but hide all those hidden fees to make up the difference.

Hidden Fees:  Don't be surprised. Always watch for "hidden fees". Charges such as freight and setup are customary; however, they can easily be adjusted and tucked away into the deal. Typically, you will see freight fees starting at $333 for Street models, up to $856 for Trike models and setup fees at $300.00 per motorcycle. Outside of freight and setup, there are no grounds for you to pay Handling Fees, Administrative Fees or Documentation Fees or "Restocking Fees" in addition to the motorcycle. In fact, you can refuse to pay the documentation fee if you are financing the motorcycle since it is contrary to most state laws to charge you to prepare finance paperwork.

Interest Rates: Always have a couple interest rates from local banks handy when you are visiting a dealership. Interest rates vary dealer to dealer. Some dealers inflate the interest rate greatly to make up for giving you such a great deal on your trade-in or throwing in an accessory. Watch them closely.

Harley-Davidson Literature: Ask for a copy of the Harley-Davidson literature. Ask them to compare what they are selling their Harley-Davidson for in comparison to what the literature says. Tell them to justify how they arrived at the price using the literature.

Customer Experience Indicator : Ask to see the dealers most recent Customer Experience Indicator score from Harley-Davidson. This is a prime indicator on how the dealer is going to treat you after the sale. Every dealer should have this information available for your review, however, some are not inclined to show you. 

Does the sales staff work on strait commission? You will need to know this in order to avoid being sold items you don't want or need. All staff members should listen intently to you and see what it is YOU want and not what THEY want to sell you.

Hang Tags: Does the motorcycle have a hang tag clearly displaying all of the vehicles options, and the price of the bike, including an *Out The Door Price? If not, can you get a price from the salesperson with reasonably little effort, or will you be passed around to other staff to negotiate your life away. If you find yourself at a dealership with no tags, ask multiple times for the price to see if salespeople quote different amounts. An honorable dealership will offer the same price every time. 

*Note: Hang Tags at Wieblers Harley-Davidson do not reflect Out The Door Prices due to the different tax rates between Illinois and Iowa. Our tags say “Total Price Before Taxes and Fees”

Incentives: Some dealers offer no-payment and interest rate "incentives" that have a cost associated to the dealer, yet they pass the fee for the program onto the customer. 

The Value of your Trade: Beware of trade-in offers that exceed a normal market value. Ask questions like: "What is the actual cash value of my trade?  And, what is the price of the bike without my trade?" See for yourself what trade values are running by researching NADA, and the AMA Black Book. Also, be careful of the above market trade-in figure because sometimes it is just plain added into the new motorcycle sale.

We hope these tips are helpful in your search for a Harley-Davidson motorcycle. If we can answer any questions, don't hesitate to CONTACT US or call us at (563) 355-6437